KC4x4SAR is not just for people with 4×4 trucks! We are a diverse group with diverse needs including:

  • Van Team: unit vehicle drivers and support teams
  • Callout Team: liaisons between the Sheriff’s office and members
  • Administrative help
  • Communications support

Application Process

Our application process does take some time to move through the steps. Please allow 20 minutes after you have completed the required modules.

To become a 4×4 member, you must:

  1. Submit a New Member Application
    Your application must include the following documents:

  2. Attend a meet and greet with board members and mentors. 
  3. Attend a 4×4 Unit Meeting.
    Unit meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month via Zoom.
  4. Be Approved by the Board
    The 4×4 Board of Directors will vote on whether or not to accept your application.
  5. Pass a Background Check
    Your application will be processed by King County Sheriff’s Office for a background check.
  6. Second chance to attend a 4×4 Unit Meeting.
    Unit meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month via Zoom.
  7. Be Approved by the 4×4 General Membership
    Your application will be presented to our General Membership for a final vote at a Unit meeting.
  8. Pay New Member Dues
    See below for information on new member dues.  Please do not pay until you have been approved by the General Membership.
  9. Attend a New Member Orientation
    All new members must attend an orientation before they are eligible to respond to missions.  Dates and times for your orientation will be provided after your membership is approved.

Please contact vpa@kc4x4sar if you have any questions about joining KC4x4SAR.

Application Deadline

Applications are reviewed the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Applications received after the 1st of the above months will be processed the following quarter.


New Member Orientation is held once a quarter (February, May, August, November).

New Member Dues

Dues can be paid by cash or check at a meeting, or online via credit card or PayPal using one of the links below.

Please do not pay dues until your membership has been approved.

(OPTION 1) To pay online using Square Market, click here:

(OPTION 2) To pay online using PayPal, select the appropriate option below.
Please provide your full name in the comments.

Pay Dues for members joining January – November:

Pay Dues for members joining in December (Payment includes next year’s Renewal Dues):

Renewal Dues

To renew your membership, please do the following:

1. Review, sign, and return the renewal form that was sent to you via email.

2. Pay your renewal dues (see below)

Option 1: via debit or credit card with Square (preferred):
Option 2: via PayPal (please include full name and DEM number in the comments):