New Member Training

Welcome to the King County 4 x 4 Search and Rescue Unit!  This page is a compilation of training materials and resources.  For the first year that you are a member of the unit, you are considered a “Novice” member.  In that time span, you need to complete the new member training program outlined on this page.

New Member Training Program

The training program consists of self-study, an orientation meeting, and several other training events offered throughout the year.  These are all outlined in the New Member Training Workbook.  Please download the workbook and read through it.

If you have any questions, please contact

Curriculum Materials

Other Resources

The below resources are available on the Documents page of this site.

  • King County 4 x 4 SAR Equipment List, v6.1
  • King County 4 x 4 SAR Administrative Policies
  • King County 4 x 4 SAR Operational Policies